Problogger’s Tip to an Effective 404 Error Page

I accidentally typed in a sub-page in my domain that no longer exist and was redirected by the browser to my 404 Error page. I haven’t really given too much attention to this page and never bothered to modify the default 404 page that comes in with the WordPress themes that I install. Until now, when I noticed that the default 404 page was not only annoyingly simple but pretty much a waste of space and bandwith if somebody chanced upon it. So, I decided to change my 404 error page to something like this one.

It doesn’t give too much still, but the 404 error page pretty much serve something for this blog, that is redirect to my main page, and my other blogs.

Then just today, Darren made a post about modifying the 404 error page, and it was a pretty good and helpful post. Problogger’s 404 error page was well constructed and laid out. It gives readers who accidentally stumbled upon the page several options to stay within the Problogger domain. It even encourage users to use Problogger’s custom search. His 404 error page extends beyond and encourages readers to contact him, a value added service for readers who may not be even regulars of probloggers but a potential loyal readers.

So, taking a cue from Darren’s post, I re-customized my 404 error page into something like this.

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