Google Book Search Goes Social with MyLibrary

googlemylibrary.jpgThis announcement was made last Thursday, so this is kind of a delayed post, so please bear with me as this is something that sparked my “librarian roots” and I’m obliged to post about it. So, after getting several libraries and publishers to agree on having their book collection digitized and made available on Google property, Google Book Search now lets us book readers and users to create our own MyLibrary that sits right into Google Book Search portal. MyLibrary is Shelfari and LibraryThing, two of the most popular social network for books, with the Google brand. As a social library facility, Google’s MyLibrary lets users create their own online library of personal collections that are stored in the Google Book Library database.

Of course, MyLibrary collections are full-text searchable on Google’s database. And to put the social feature, Google lets users to rate, review, annotate their book collection and share them to their social networks.

Ok. If you’re still interested and want to try out creating your own Google MyLibrary collection, here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to Google Book Search using your Google account,
  2. Search for titles in your book collection,
  3. Click on “Add to my library” link which is displayed along with your book search results,
  4. Rate, review, and organize your book collection like a dutiful librarian does,
  5. Share your library to your friends and collegues.

And the coolest thing about Google’s MyLibrary is the RSS feature. So, if you’re planning to use this in your library at work, you can easily provide a “Recent Acquisition List” service via RSS feeds.

Here’s a sample of MyLibrary. (Yeah those are just some of the books I have 🙂


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