Genius SW-HF2.1 1250 Speaker

sw-hf2111250_high.jpgYearning to experience hi-fi wood sound with deeper and clearer performance? The new Genius SW-HF2.1 1250 is a 3-piece wood speaker system that delivers 40watts RMS output power designed to bring out clearer and crispier audio quality. Both subwoofer and satellites are made of ultra-rigid MDF board cabinets. It features custom-made speaker drivers – one 4″ woofer for the subwoofer and one 3″ for each satellite.

The ideal design of the SW-HF2.1 1250 is topped only with its superior solid sound performance, bass and sound balance. SW-HF2.1 1250’s mirror-like control panel on the subwoofer has very convenient built-in controls: power on/off, volume, bass, and treble functions. There are two input jacks, a 3.5mm and RCA jacks on the back that let you connect the SW-HF2.1 1250to a PC, MP3, CD player or TV/DVD/VCD players and a game console. The SW-HF2.1 1250 creates a new sound experience, delivering music like you’ve never heard before!

Genius products are exclusively distributed by MSI-ECS Phils. Inc. For more information, contact James Ong at 688-3740, email, or visit

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