Orkut Catches Up With the Social Network Phenomenon

For a social networking site backed by the web’s most powerful company, it is but ironic that Google’s social networking site Orkut has not been given the web limelight as compared to other top social networking sites, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. But Orkut is still alive, and it has been getting some media mileage the past couple of days, thanks to some new features which is long overdue actually.

First it had a much needed portal redesign which was in tune with the web 2.0 trend. This redesign was topped with a new youth icon which is aimed at getting the interest of youth audience to use the social networking site.

Then just today, Orkut introduced a “new feature” which I wonder why it took them so long to implement, but which is in fact an essential ingredient of a useful social networking site. This feature is the ability to see updates of Orkut members who are connected with each other. Friendster has this feature a long time ago, and so thus the other social networking sites.

It may be a little late for Orkut to catch up with rivals, but with the growing interest on social networking sites, Google would definitely give Orkut a much needed attention in the days to come.

It’s not too late for a social networking site, with the web’s most powerful company as its owner to catch up with top social networking sites. But Orkut must work doubly hard to compete with these other sites.

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