The Evil Cows Ask, What Would I Do with a $500?

There are evil cows as there are many milking cows out there in the fields. But the evil cows at are the only cows which is generous enough to give one of its faithful followers a chance to win $500. Yeah, they are the only cows who can afford to give away such amount of money. Thanks to their sponsors, web hosting company, one of  us, loyal readers of this evil blog about making money  online a chance to actually prove to ourselves that we can indeed earn money online, via online blog contest. 

So, how can you join this cool contest? Simply write a 200 word review like this one I made.  Follow the links and anchor text that the evil cows want us bloggers to do and you earn the chance to win $500 in cold cash or (hot cheque).

What will you get from doing a review of Johncow, aside from filing up your blog with a post not related to your blog’s niche? There are several benefits actually: 

  • You get to make external outbound links, which is a good blogger habit
  • You learn evil ways to make money online
  • You learn some good info about making money online
  • Your blog gets noticed by johncow and his readers
  • You contribute to the evil cows continued rise to fame

And should I win the contest, what will I do with the $500? Hmm probably buy loads of milk!

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