A Series of Blogging Contest Posts

The succeeding posts are all for the purpose of getting some schwags from several kind bloggers around the world who are giving away free stuff in exchange for some backlinks which could possible lead to higher page ranks, and over all blog stats. If you are not fond of blog contests, please bear with me. But if you are into blog contests like me, then read on but don’t join the contests that I would blog about. That would lessen my chances of winning.

So for starters,  Cash for Comments blogger  tries his luck on getting more back links and improve blog statistics the way JohnChow does. He is giving away a 24 inch LCD  Monitor. And what does he ask of blog entries? A short simple posts like this one with required links and corresponding anchor text, these are “get paid” anchor text linking to his main blog, 24 inch LCD linking to the blog post about the contest, and “baseball training” linking to the contest sponsor’s site.

And that’s basically. Short and simple, hope I get lucky this time.

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