Bloglines Enhancing Start Up Page

Seems like my first and still most reliable feed reader, Bloglines is cooking up something. When I first log in this morning, the following message appeared on the right windows of my feeds window:


bloglinesbetastartup.jpgChoose to log in and you will be brought to the Bloglines beta, where a personalizable start up page awaits you. The right column is blank and you can add your existing feed subscription by dragging it from the left pane to the right pane. The right pane is divided into two columns, the left column holds severeal feeds items from your different feed subscription, and the right pane display the feed item that you choose from the left pane. Sounds confusing, well actually it’s not. As a matter of fact, customizing the feeds is as simple as the theme of the Bloglines beta.

Do i like the new interface? No. I still prefer the simple straight forward interface of the current Bloglines start up page.

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