Malaysian Dog Piracy Busters Receive Medals from Government

Maybe, this what the Philippine Optical Media Board  ought to do to make their anti-piracy drive more successful. Since dogs are already used to food pampering, maybe they would improve on their snipping job, if the Philippine government awards our snipping dogs their own medal as well. Don’t laugh at the idea, because the Malaysian retriever labradors were able to busts 29 arrests with pirated DVDs amounting to more than $6 billion. That’s an awful of money recovered in exchange for two gold medals.

See the full article on Malaysia rewards pirate-DVD sniffing dogs at MSNBC.

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  1. Hi Arnold, Edu here. Just happened to come across your suggestion. Actually we’ve been asking gov’t to consider importing these specially trained dogs but to no avail. Polycarbonate-sniffing dogs are different from the regular sniffers. They are trained in the U.K. and have been very effective in Malaysia and Indonesia. We had them here last year for 5 days and they proved extremely effective. Unfortunately, they who call the shots don’t share our enthusiasm.

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