iPhone Running with Globe Network

I knew it was just a matter of time before Filipino technicians get around with the iPhone to make it work on a local sim card. Although it was not really a hack of the iPhone system to make it “openline”, nonetheless it was worth all the effort, being able to use the iPhone with a local Philippine sim provider.iphoneglobe.jpgThe image was posted at BNC Extreme forum, which came from another tech forum. The go-around was not actually a system hack but more of a “sim cloning” procedure using an old sim card to which was reprogrammed to mimic the AT & T sim on the iPhone. Whether it is legal or not, it was well worth all the effort of the Filipino tech guy who did it.

Maybe I should start looking around for an iPhone in the black market, now that it can actually be done – that is to use the phone features of the iPhone with Globe sim.

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