Up for Grabs again at JC dot com, 24″ LCD

If you didn’t win the LG 24″ LCD at John Chow dot com last time like me, John is giving us a chance again to win a 24″ LCD plus a copy of the 4-hour work week book. This time around, John has partnered with the Million Dollar Wiki in bringing the contest up. The Million Dollar Wiki is a pay-per-page version of Wikipedia, where users have to pay $100 dollar for a page on the Wiki.

The mechanics of the contest is basically the same as the other of John Chow‘s previous contests. Write an a blog post, link to the site and respective blog post, send him the URL and presto, you’ve got yourself two raffle entries. But in order to give readers more raffle chances, John is also offering readers a$10 dollar off on every purchase of the wiki page where the readers would also get five raffle entries.

So, you can either buy a page from the million dollar wiki, blog about the contest, or do anything and come back next month on this blog when I post about me winning that raffle. 🙂

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