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Joining blog contests which requires entries to review the host blog is a good way of filling posting gap in your blogs. Contests such as this one, the Stay at Home Dad Digital Camera Give-Away is a good way of dealing with a writer’s block. You don’t only get to fill your posting schedule but you might win some goodies as well such as the Canon Powershot SD750. This point and shoot camera would suit well as a back up for my Canon 400D. That is if I get lucky this time and win the contest.I won’t tell you how you can join the contest. Just read my post and find out for yourself how you can join. Why? Because if I tell you, that will lessen my chances of grabbing the Canon Powershot SD750, Bleh!

What I would like to tell you is about the Stay at Home Dad, Geek Style blog. Yeah, the blog title says all about what this blog is all about. One Pinoy counterpart that immediately comes into my mind is J. Angelo. But DevDad is pretty new in the blogging scene as I noticed in his Archives link that he started his blog only in July.

But being a geek dad himself, I know that Stay at Home Dad’s Geek blog would go along away. Let’s just give him some time.

Update: The Geek Dad has added additional prizes courtesy of SmugMug. This contest is getting way cool. Maybe the geek dad should call himself cool dad as well.

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