Asia Agcaoili Gives 10 Reasons Why Megavideo Beats YouTube

megavideo.jpgYup, you read it right, Philippine’s very own Asia Agcaoili is endorsing Megavideo as the YouTube killer. Megavideo is a video uploading site whose other service is the popular Megauploads. I wanted to learn something about the company so I checked the the About page and here’s what I they have:

Megavideo is aiming to replace YouTube as the leader in online video.
Megavideo was built by the same people who brought you

How’s that for a corporate vision? Now, to carry out this vision of replacing YouTube as the leader in online video, watch Asia Agcaoili give 10 reasons to use Megavideo over YouTube:

If you failed to get the 10 reasons from Asia’s video, here goes:

  1. We pay you! Megavideo has its unique rewards program and pays you for your video views.
  2. 100% Advertising revenue for you! Premium members automatically get an adbrite publisher account and all advertising revenue from within the video players is instantly yours!
  3. Seeking feature: start the video at any point without pre buffering.
  4. Multilanguage: use Megavideo in your native language.
  5. Several customizable embeded players to match your website design or blog layout.
  6. No maximum playtime for your uploaded videos.
  7. Mega fast video converting (always within 30 minutes).
  8. Batch upload your videos faster & with resume capability using our Mega Manager or Mega Toolbar.
  9. Download the original video files from Megavideo with a premium membership.
  10. Megavideo loves you more 🙂

Great features eh? Do you see Megavideo moving towards the path to YouTube’s downfall? I don’t think so. If Megavideo wants to get a slice of the social video uploading pie, it better clean up its backyard first of some lewd videos that were already populating the site. Those videos might cause Megavideo’s own downfall without even getting near the status of YouTube.

But hey, great effort from the Megavideo guys. And yes, Asia Agacaoili is rockin hot.

[hat tip to Techcrunch]

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  1. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Agcaoili Gives 10 Reasons Why Megavideo Beats YouTube | [Web 2.0 news and reviews], but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  2. Uhm, how is only being able to watch 74 minutes of a movie and having to wait 54 minutes to see the rest supposed to be competitive?

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