Criminal Modus Operandi, YouTube Videos by PSupt. Gilbert Cruz

ABS-CBN TV Patrol, a local Philippine news program featured these videos of Makati Policy PSupt. Gilbert Cruz about different criminal modus operandi and how to avoid these crimes. The videos were uploaded in YouTube’s via Chief Gilbert Cruz‘ YouTube account. The videos were fully supported by the Makati government and has been gathering quite a number of page views already. I’m guessing most of these page views are coming from the young Filipino online crowd.Anyway, the videos were informative, has a “masa appeal” since it is dubbed in the Filipino vernacular and not in English. The videos though starred by non-showbiz folks were professionally done. The videos are informative and are light in approach, so you won’t get bored watching these videos. Like this one on high tech gadgets used in ATM scam:

Cool, right? It is commendable of Chief Gilbert Cruz to come up with such campaign on crime prevention and awareness campaign. The medium is great but YouTube may not be the proper avenue for it. Yes, given that the Filipino youth spend most of their time online, but then this Filipino youth are the more informed ones. How about those who don’t have access to the internet and who doesn’t even know about YouTube? Are they left to fend for themselves?It would be great to have this locally produced videos by PSupt. Gilbert Cruz on VCDs, and DVDs and even perhaps shown in local TV channels were the majority of the uninformed Filipinos can learn about it.Here are the other videos the Chief Gilbert Cruz’ have uploaded so far:

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  1. Sir,

    I’m now working in a corporate security and planing to have our malls a videos like this,
    can we have yours? How’s the procedure?

    Lets do helping our fellows to prevent crimes and avoid criminals.

    Thanks sir.


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