Get in the Zone with Lipton’s Mavens

get-in-the-zone.jpgGet in the Zone is a Philippine base site with a spunky cool design signifying the punkiness character of its selected Mavens. The Get in the Zone Mavens are selected Filipino individuals who excel in their chosen crafts. These crafts include directing, journalism, music, photography, design, and entrepreneurship. Each of the mavens are assigned with a forum where members can discuss and share ideas regarding their zones.

Thus, you have young director Lino Cayetano answering question about directing, Patricia Evangelista replying to anything about writing and journalism, Up Dharma Down band members answering questions on music, Jake Verzosa about photography, Happy David on entrepeneurship and Bru and Marcushiro answering about Design.

I personally admire that sleek design of GetintheZone and what it is trying to achieve through a website such as this. However to fully utilize the internet as a medium of communication especially to the youth, there are other ways by which this can be achieved. A forum is one good way of opening up the line of communication. But it is very web 1.0.

Lipton and GetintheZone could improve on the site and include other web 2.0ish features in the line of mySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites. It is what the young are getting into nowadays.

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