Gmail Behind the Scenes Video, Watch How the Gmail m-velope Travels Around the World

Gmail has launched a collaborative video making project that will document how the Gmail M-velope is passed on from one person to another around the world. To participate in this project, just follow this 3 simple steps:

  1. Print the Gmail M-velope,
  2. Film a 10 second video clip of your share of the story, showing the M-velope coming from the left side of the screen exiting towards the right side,
  3. Submit the video,

And wait until the final video is stitched together by the Gmail crew.

Ka Edong over at PinoyTechBlog asks what’s distinctly Pinoy clip that we can add to the Gmail Video? And suggested the M-velope hooked on to a fast driving jeepney. That was exactly what I have in mind. Those colorful jeepneys are very distinct to the Philippine culture.

Now, let’s see who among the Pinoy bloggers will take up the challenge and participate in the project.


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