Ten Reasons Not to Throw Away Your Cellphone

This post was inspired after reading ten reasons to throw away your cellphone by Rob Beschizza of Wired Blog Network. Rob gave ten reasons which may apply to some but not for others who have made the mobile phones part of their work accessories.  So while Rob may be  passionate about his reasons for  getting rid of our mobile phone, let me  give my own reasons for not throwing away  our cellphones. These reasons are the direct opposite of  Rob’s ten reasons to throw away your cellphone.  So  I would suggest that you read  his post first if you have the time .

  1. It makes your  life more organized – Granted that a mobile phone is just another thing you use to check your email, event schedules and other things that you eventually synchronized with your main gadget – PC, that what makes a cellphone a valuable thing that every business people should possess. The organization factor is even better with the mobility that cellphone brings to its users.
  2. Its worth the price you pay for – Depending on the complexity of the type of cellphone that you use, the things you can with even the most simple type of cellphone is worth every penny that you spent buying it. And depending on how you take care of your cellphones, its durability could last you several years of good usage time.
  3. It ensures continous customer support and value added after sale service – This is one reason why most cellphones are tied up with major carriers.  The contract you signed serves as your ticket to dependable support service. And its a good thing, right?
  4. It makes you perpetually available – Unless you are dead, there is nothing wrong with being available perpetually.
  5. It is boring only if you don’t explore its features and usage – Messaging and phone calls are not the only things that you can do with a cellphone. Most cellphones today are built in with other useful tools and applications depending on the model. You can play games, use it as a calculator, modem, alarm clock to name just a few.
  6. Recharging cellphones is a must for continous usage – Like any other equipments, gadgets and tools that we use in our daily rituals, cellphones must be constantly charge. And for a minimal cost, you get to enjoy useful things with a recharged cellphone.
  7. It knows where you are and you won’t get lost – When contacts need to contact you because of a vital matter, cellphone bridges the gap between you and your contact. You can even close an important deal while swimming in the farthest beaches in the world.
  8. It seggragates stupid people from the smart people – Having a cellphone is not only useful and helpful to users, it also connotes status quo and personality differences. Not all people who has cellphones are stupid, and most stupid people do not have cellphones.
  9. Ubiquitous pleather accessory shops,
  10. It brings a  smile to people -  Admit it, there are funny ringtones as there are annoying ones. Some ringtones bring smile to other people when they hear those punky and funny ringtones when some messages you. Don’t deny them of those fun times.

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