Who Doesn’t Have a Pownce Invite Yet?

I got mine courtesy of Yugatech.com. Pownce is the newest kid on the block of social networking start-up where you can send messages, files, links and events to your network of friends (who got to be in the Pownce network as well).

Brought to you by Kevin Rose of Digg.com and a couple of his friends, Pownce is a new way to communicate with friends. Although in the league of other start ups such as the getting to be popular, Twitter.com, Pownce hopes to get a piece if not the whole of the social networking pie.

Ok, I must admit I’m pretty impressed by the sleek interface of Pownce. But after getting into the network, I just stared at my profile screen and not knowing what to do next. I only have one friend in my Pownce network.

That’s it, Pownce is a great new way to share stuff to your friends, only if you manage to build a network of friends. If you don’t have that much friends to network with, better not bother searching for a free invite.

But if you do have a lot of friends that you want to share stuff with, leave a comment with your email and I’ll shoot you a Pownce invite.

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