The Filipino Inmates Who Got Famous through Viral Video

I first saw this YouTube video of Cebu Inmates, all 1,500 of them doing their own version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, at John Chow’s blog. Then at Sarah Meyers blog who mentioned that it was already posted at BoingBoing. Michael Kwan also picked the video and posted it in his blog as well. So, I decided to check out YouTube and found several uploads already. The original upload already has more than 2million page views! Here’s the video of the Filipino inmates from Cebu doing their own version of Thriller:

Looks cool eh? Well, at least those prisoners are doing something worthwhile while doing their time inside the prison. Is it something that we Filipinos should be proud of with all the viral traffic the YouTube video is getting from the online world? It depends. As the showbiz people would say, “bad publicity is still publicity”.

I just wish that the next time Filipinos will get some online fame, it has nothing to do with our prisoners doing that kind of silly dance.

(But hey, the guy in the center can really dance hah)

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