That Red WordPress Tee is Red Hot!

wpteered_aczafra.jpgI would love to wear that official WordPress t-shirt which is now available for worldwide shipping at the WordPress Shop. The WordPress T-Shirt is available in several sizes for both ladies and men’s fit. It is made by American Apparel and priced at 9.50 UK Pound + shipping cost of 4 pound. Total cost of getting the T-shirt is around 19.5 UK pound (roughly $29).

That T-shirt is great when attending blog sortees and would certainly illicit some glances from people who knows and uses WordPress. 🙂

Now, I’m thinking whether I should buy one or wait for some good-hearted soul, who reads this blog occasionally, or maybe my contacts from the other side of the world, to miraculously send me a small sized WordPress t-shirt as a birthday present (which incidentally is on Wednesday, the 25th!).

Whoever will spare $25 and send me the t-shirt, would receive a lifetime link love from this blog and from all the blogs I owned. That’s quite a number of backlinks. 🙂

So, any kind individual out there?

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  1. waaah ang mahal naman ng shirt na yan!

    Re HP book 7: It’s nice that you’re getting the book as a birthday gift. Hindi mo be pwede ipa-advance yung bigay nila sa yo? hehehe. Your reaction ought to have been, “Chapter 7 ka pa lang?” My colleagues here at the office have finished the book since last Sunday. Grabe. Chapter 17 pa lang ako pero a lot has happened already. I’m sure you’ll love this book. I’m not yet done but I’d say it’s the best in the series.

  2. Watson – Well, I know that you’d rather finish reading it for several months, digesting every tiny details of the story, than finish it in a snap.

    Can’t wait to get a hold of my book!

  3. I love the shirt too, but i wish there are more colors than red. I have too many red shirts in my wardrobe…

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