SwitchPlanet.com, Use More Waste Less

switchplanet_logo.gifSwitchPlanet is a super-cool way to exchange your used CDs, DVDs, video games and books for new ones that you may later exchange as well, after using those items. Actually, super-cool is not the appropriate term, but “noble” is a better term to describe SwitchPlanet. Noble in the sense that in avertedly, it promotes the 3Rs of environmental friendliness – reuse, reduce and recycle.

By promoting exchange of unused CDs, DVDs, video games and books, SwitchPlanet promotes the reuse and recycling of these otherwise unnecessary items which are most often than not left gathering dusts and molds in everyone’s storage areas. By promoting items exchanged, SwitchPlanet promotes the reduction of reproducing these items for additional supply needs.

And this is the reason why I decided to do a review of their site. By doing so, I would rather not expound on the site features and design but rather emphasize on the novelty of the objective of the company, and that is environmental friendliness.

But yes, the SwitchPlanet website is sleek and eye-catching. It is your typical web 2.0-inspired website with lots of interactivity features for SwitchPlanet members and would be members alike.

So, if you have some old CDs, DVDs, videogames, and books that you would like to get rid of, better register at SwitchPlanet and you might find something good to have it exchanged for. You don’t only help yourself but the environment as well.

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