Google Webmaster Tools’ Message Center

I was checking out Google Webmaster Tools to see if my paradise Philippines blog entry was doing ok in terms of getting crawled and indexed by Google’s meta crawlers, when I noticed the message center link on the upper right hand corner of the Webmaster Tools’ dashboard. A quick look at the Google Webmaster Central Blog clarified what the link was about.

The message center link alerts webmasters and blog owners of various issues about their sites/blogs which the Google meta crawlers and indexers see as causing problems for the proper crawling of their site. It may be a violation of guidelines, indexing issues and stuff that impedes Google from seeing and interpreting websites and blogs.


It’s a good way actually of monitoring your site’s performance and readibility by search engine crawlers. And yes, as you can see from the screenshot, all the sites that I submitted to the webmaster central seems to be working just fine. Including our paradise Philippines. Oh joy!

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