IT News Round Up 2

The search engine scene has been pretty much exciting this week, or better yet Google has been pretty much in the use. Here are some of IT news that caught my attention this week:

  • Nielsen/Net Ratings, the leader in site metrics on the web is changing its ranking methodology for websites. Instead of the old page views ranking technique, it will now give more wait on the lenght of time a user has visited a site to measure its ranking,
  • Over at Google-landia, the biggest news was the acquisition of Postini, a web mail security company.
  • Then Google launched maplets or mini applications that can embeddd into Google maps,
  • Then Wireless Healthcare predicts that both Google and MSN will be making their presence felt in the healthcare scene,
  • And finally Google extends the usage of Google Apps Education Edition allowing nonprofit organizations to have more features for free.

Those are just some of the IT news that hit the buzz this week. For more news, check out Search Engine Journal and ITGumbo.

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