Blogger Dashboard in Tagalog?

I was reading an article on the official Google blog about the search widget that Blogger user’s can add to their site and was clicking on the link about blogger in draft and was surprised to find the blogger dashboard in Tagalog. (Shouldn’t it be Filipino?)


I know Google’s portal can be translated into the Filipino language but I never used it because it gives me the creeps to use a search engine in my own language. That’s why cringed when I read labels such as:

  • pamahalaan ang iyong mga blog – manage your blogs,
  • bumuo ng isang blog – create a blog,
  • baguhin ang profile o tignan – edit profile or view,
  • sentro ng pagtulong – help center,

I commend the translators whether they are human or machine generated. But what I don’t get is what’s the necessity for translating the blogger dashboard in Filipino? I don’t think language is a big problem for most if not all of the online Filipinos who use the blogger platform.

I wonder what’s next to be translated into multi-language local version? iGoogle?

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