Study Results: Librarians are the Most Stressed Workers

BBC is running this story about a study done by psychologist, Saquib Saddiq saying that librarians are the most unhappy with their jobs compared to five other occupations. Based on a survey of 300 respondents coming from five types of occupations – firefighters, police officers, train operators, teachers and librarians , the “librarians” who responded said that they find their current job unchallenging and repetitive. Although, there has been many studies of this sort and this one is just one of them studies, I still find it interesting not because it involves librarians but because of one findings that the study showed.According to the study:

Librarians complained about their physical environment, saying they were sick of being stuck between book shelves all day, as well as claiming their skills were not used and how little control they felt they had over their career.

What I find interesting about this finding is that I didn’t know that there are still librarians who are up to now, in this day and age of information technology revolution, who get “stucked between book shelves”. Oh well, I maybe taking the lines literally, but if I’m right, well there must be something wrong with the way these librarians are employed.

Getting stucked between book shelves is not part of being a librarians. Librarians do the or should be doing the following duties:

  • Librarians manage the libraries, sitting on their desk, analyzing and processing information materials for better organization.
  • Librarians manages libraries, doing development or strategic planning.
  • Librarians manage staff of the library of gets stuck in between shelves.

Library staff (those in-charge of the library stacks) is different from the librarians. Library staff are highly stressed doing their job, I don’t think librarians are.

As for the second point raised by the study. That depends on the occupational set up where they belong to.

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