The Bayanihan SEO Contest is On! Paradise Philippines

Finally, the word is out. SEO Philippines guru, Marc Macalua announced the third Philippine SEO Contest- The Bayanihan SEO Contest is on. And this time around, the contest keyword is paradise Philippines. Hats off to Marc for coming up with such a keyword. What a way to promote our beloved country and its magnificent 7,000+ islands, what a way to tell the whole world about our paradise, the Philippines.
As this is the third time that SEO Philippines is hosting an SEO contest like this, read the announcement carefully, as there are some minor changes in the contest mechanics compared to the two previous contests. I was confused for awhile when I was reading the mechanics. But then, the gist of the contest is of course trying to earn the highest points through search engine ranking using the “bayanihan” technique.

What are the prizes? There’s a lot! How about a Brand New Samsung LA-32R81Bâ„¢ with Samsung HT-Q20â„¢ Home Theater System worth P70,000?

If that’s not enough reason to join, I don’t know with you but I’m certainly joining this contest. And hopefully, I get lucky.

And if you are joining with a new domain, better think of other domain names because the following good domains are most probably taken by now.

  • paradisephilippines – .com, .org, .net were already taken
  • paradise-philippines – .com is already taken
  • myparadisephilippines – is already taken
  • ourparadisephilippines- is already taken

As for the free blog hosting sites, most of the blogger subdomains were already taken by now.

Good luck to all who will be joining this contest.

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  1. Hey regarding the contest keyword, I had to weigh all options in before deciding on Paradise Philippines. You’re right, I think it captures the imagination and helps raise awareness to the beauty of our home 🙂 I hope more and more people join the contest, if not to compete, then to help spread the good word about our paradise 🙂

  2. Hi SEO Manchester! thanks for leaving a comment. You know what, the Bayanihan SEO Contest happened a long time ago. In fact, I already forgot who won. But for sure, my entry didn’t quite make it.

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