I Can’t Buy an iPhone, Bought a Canon 400d Instead

100_2434.jpgActually that was just an excuse. Because for the past couple of days, I’ve checking out local photography sites, canon philippines marketing sites, ebayph, online community forums, looking for the best reason for me to buy the Canon 400d DSLR Camera.

And then, the iPhone was released on U.S. stores, and I later found out that it wouldn’t be available on local stores until January 2008. So, that convinced me to buy the Canon 400d instead.  I am now officially a “canonista”

Just a few hours clicking on the Canon 400d shutter and viewing my shots on my laptop, I am already loving this new baby. The feeling of owning and actually using the Canon 400d is really worth the price I paid for it.

Oh yeah, this now completes my gadget wish list. Except for the PS3 which I have to pass off for now because I won’t be able to use it anyway.

And in case you are wondering or thinking, don’t bother anymore. Yes, this is the Canon 400d that blogging bought. Good times guys!

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