Zooomr Pushes Pro Account

I’ve been covering photo sharing site and “flickr-soon-to-be-killer“, Zooomr for several blog posts now. I must admit that the dynamic duo of Kristopher and Thomas are really working really hard to make what they envision for their site to become a reality.

Anyway, after releasing Zooomr III a few weeks ago, Zooomr is launching its Pro Account hoping to gain some bucks to keep the site from running. Ok, I admit, for awhile I was really thinking how these two dudes would be able to sustain the management of the site through their own personal means.

So, if you have a Zooomr free account and you really find the photo sharing site  very useful and would like to get rid of the soon-to-appear ads that pop out when you are viewing your photos, better upgrade to Pro Account. It only costs $19.99/year.

If you already have a Pro Account, do a good deed and donate to the Zooomr  “trust fund”.


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  1. I’m STILL waiting for the white one to come out! I rellay wanted to stay in line over night, but I’m staying comitted to getting this color. Scratches and fingerprints dont show up so I’m good.

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