PC World Hearts 100 Blogs

It would be too much to list all of them. I will highlight the technology blogs that the PC World guys love to read. Here are some of these technology blogs which I also read:

  • Slashdot – I read this blog once in a while, not religiously though
  • Edgadget – I read this from time to time, to get abuzz about the latest, you guess it right – gadgets
  • Techcrunch – Arrington’s blog is a must read for all bloggers, especially tech bloggers
  • GigaOM – Om Malik and his group really gives an in-depth look at everything technology

Ok, I admit, I don’t read too much tech blogs. But that’s because I mostly monitor news alerts from online news sites to get the latest buzz on technology.

And yes, PC World’s choices are concentrated on highly commercialized blogs. There are other tech blogs out there which are run by individual bloggers who are experts in their field.

See the full list of 100 blogs that PC World loves.

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