Ten New Features of Opera Mini Ver.4

The latest version of the Opera Mini mobile phone browser is ready for beta testing. Just point your mobile phone’s browser at http://mini.opera.com/beta. Since this is a beta release, install at your own risk. But the good thing is, the beta version runs along side the installed version of Opera Mini in your mobile phone without deleting or updating the existing files.

Here are ten reasons why we’ll all going to love Opera Mini ver 4:

  1. Surf the web in style – probably the best feature, that’s why its in number one. Bestoperamini.gif for smart phones with large LCD. It displays web pages as it will appear on a PC monitor,
  2. Opera suggests a place to start reading and zooms into the page to focus on which part you want to read,
  3. Changes the size of the text to avoid too much scrolling,
  4. Virtual mouse,
  5. Power scrolling using your mobile phone’s keypad,
  6. Faster and cheaper browsing,
  7. Small screen rendering via “fit to width” view,
  8. Quick access functionality on the keypads,
  9. Cool CSS support,
  10. Still in Beta and yet already packed with loads of features.

Note: I was trying to download the browser using my P990i but couldn’t connect on the site mentioned above. Must be a connection problem. Will try it again later to see if it actually works.

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