How Come Yahoo is Active in Asia While Google is Not?

Read this two articles from ZDNet Asia

Isn’t it that Google has a country representative in the Philippines? While Yahoo’s nearest contact is through Yahoo Singapore? And yet, it looks like Yahoo is more actively visible in the Philippines than Google.

Made me remember a posting in the FilipinoLibrarians’ Google Groups, about this proposal of Google to digitized the Philippine Journal of Science collection for free. But the PJS turned down the offer because they are worried that Google might just capitalized on the academic and scholarlay content of the PJS collection. It turns out that the PJS collection was digitized by a private company which is the leader in digitization project in the Philippines — Kodak.

Hopefully, Google would one day notice the overwhelming presence of Pinoy IT manpower and miraculously focused some of its plan on helping the Philippines advance its IT infrastructure.

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