Yes, In this Side of the World , Blogging is a Source of Job

The New York Times published an interesting article asking, can blogs become a big source of job? And Tony Hung of Deep Jive Interest put an interesting twist on the article and pointed the case of “off shore bloggers” who may earn $dollars monthly which on the standard of North America is not much, but in the country where they reside is more than enough to sustain their way of life. Yes, Filipino bloggers and other Asian bloggers were given as examples, with a mention of the three top Filipino bloggers who made it big in the international blogging scene – Abe, Jayvee and J.Angelo.But of course, these three are not the only Filipino bloggers who are part of U.S. based network blog. I know there are other Filipino bloggers who either works full-time or part-time in one or two U.S. based network blogs.

And mind you, these Filipino bloggers who are part of network blogs still maintain their own personal blog which are also earning on paid ads. What’s more, some of them even maintain their day job and do their blogging activities at night. (yes, we Filipinos are known for being hard workers after all!)

I hope, with Tony’s post, more and more Filipinos would consider going into blogging gigs either as full time or part time. If you maintain a blog but couldn’t make it viral enough to gain readers and ad earnings, why not try network blogging instead. Its a very good source of income if you need one. If not, its a good source of funding for your gadget buying needs, or if you are planning to get married, blogging earnings  can contribute to your wedding funds.

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