Are You Ready for the iPhone?

Or better yet, are you willing to shell out $499-$599 for the highly anticipated mobile phone and personal digital assistant bearing the name Apple? Apple’s highly anticipated, much-hyped entry to the mobile phone arena is set to start on the 29th of June when it finally launch iPhone. But is the iPhone the ultimate phone to have? Is it worth every penny spent to buying it?

The iPhone generally has four main features:

  • widescreen iPod,
  • revolutionary phone,
  • breakthrough internet device,
  • high technology


Honestly, the only revolutionary feature of the iPhone is its multi-touch display. The other features are simply enhanced features of other phones available in the market today. To learn more about these features, head on to the official Phone site .

So, are you buying or not? Lucky for U.S. mobile users, they could get the phone at its SRP. I could just imagine how much the iPhone would cost once it reached the Philippine mobile market.

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