Philippine Software Piracy Remains Constant (2005-2006)

Looks like the Philippine government is not doing anything to combat the growing software piracy industry in the country. Or is there any effort at all to stop software piracy? Last I heard the agency that was tasked to do this job was headed by Philippine actor Edu Manzano. And I have some news coverage with him and his men conducting “raids” in various movie pirates hot spot in Metro Manila (Philippines). Then, how come that based on the data by the Business Software Alliance and IDC, software piracy rate from 2005 to 2006 remains at 71% for both years?

Are those raids of different malls and shops with DVD sellers just for a show? I hope not. Tons of money are being poured out by software and movie pirates in making these pirated products and yet those pirates don’t seem to care at all.

In fact, these raids are so simple and they already used to the process that they can easily go back to their selling points after the raids.

But of course, movie piracy is different from software piracy. Movie piracy is rampantly displayed in public selling areas while software piracy is not that comparable with video and movie piracy.

The BSA/IDC also reports that in terms of revenue losses, the Philippines is losing around $119 million which is way bigger than last year’s $86 million.

So the next time you feel the need for any software applications, think about it several times before deciding to buy from “tiangge stalls”. One pirated software CD you buy might grow into bigger amount.

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