5 Things You Won’t Get From My Blog

1 . The most reliable IT News and Reviews – Why would you get these information from a low-profile, unpopular, and low-traffic blog owned by a blogger like me? Look at my Page Rank, it used to be a mere 5, before the major Google Page Rank update and now it reverted back to PR4. My Feedburner readers doesn’t have much either. A measly 22? So, better head up to Techcrunch, Problogger, GigaOm and other high profile tech blogs  instead.

2. The most interesting librarianship articles – Despite, being a librarian and having the tagline – “librarianship with a dash of everything”, which is now “web 2.0 from a librarian’s point of view, I still haven’t written a single interesting, explosively popular and valuable post about librarianship and emerging technologies. So, better head on to Library Crunch, Library stuff  or better yet check out the LC blog for a more in-depth feature on librarianship. 

3. Blogging tips and tricks that can make you earn money online – I haven’t made  more than enough money from blogging since I’ve implemented various advertising scheme. I haven’t reached my 2nd $100 earnings from Adsense, and my text-link ads earnings are not substantial enough. So, why would you listen to my posts about blog monetization and online money making techniques? Get it from John Chow or Darren instead. You have better chances of making a lot of money online, if you read their blogs. 

4. New ideas for blog template design – I rarely customized my blog’s template. Whenever I do, I just changed some elements and stop there. It’s not that I don’t know CSS, HTML or PHP, I do know a lot of that stuff actually. I just don’t have the time to tinker with the template to make my blog’s over all look as personalized as possible. If you need ideas to design your own blog template, just head on to the official WordPress Theme Viewer. You’ll have a lot of templates to imitate and adapt into your own blog. 

5. Well written, grammatical error free and highly readable articles – My writing style sucks. I have lots of grammatical errors, and my blog posts are so boring that you won’t get to the second paragraph of any of my blog posts with enthusiasm and eagerness to read on. But, hey, are there any tech blog writers who write eloquently, literary style? I haven’t encountered anybody yet. 

So, there you have it. The top 5 things that you won’t get from this blog. Thank you for reading this post, hopefully it is interesting enough for Darren to award me that prize pot for his new group writing project. Who knows, winning that money might inspire me to work hard on my blog and make it as popular, as entertaining and as lively as Problogger.net. 

And in case you have read my top 5 from start to finish, you are free to change its title and make it, “Top 5 Thing to Avoid When Creating your Own Blog”. That is the more suited title for this post.

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