SEO World Champion is a Pinoy

Now this is something that every blogger should write about. All Filipino bloggers should unite and create a buzz. After all, it is not every day that a Filipino makes it to any international event, albeit emerging as a champion. So, let’s all bow our heads, and do the wave, for congratulations is not enough for our very own Filipino SEO expert BENJ ARRIOLA who emerged as the champion of the SEO World Championship 2007.

Benj is taking home a brand new Citron C2 car for winning this gig. How exactly is he going to bring that car into the Philippine shore is another story. Goodluck Benj!


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  1. Thanks. Panalo ng Pilipinas ito. Hindi lang panalo ko. And about bringing the car sa Pinas… There is no dealer in the Philippines, and right now nasa US ako and there is no Citroen dealer also in the US. And I think prizes are taxed as well as importation pa, may tax din. So maybe… I might try to ask for the cash value, or sell the European car and get a Japanese car para wala pang problems sa parts. 🙂 Thanks again.

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