I Was Stood Up by a PLDT Lineman

This is to continue my previous post on why it is taking too long for PLDT to activate my DSL account. As of today, my application is offically one month old. My phone line was activated last April 3, and up until now my DSL connection has not been activated.

I have made hundreds of follow ups with the PLDT custumer service hotline 171, I have called up the PLDT branch representative who processed my application and I have sought the help of our office’s PLDT representative and STILL nobody has come to my house to activate my DSL account.

So, consider me among the disgruntled PLDT customers. Count me in the numerous PLDT customers who are cursing PLDT and its DSL every single day of our lives.

You know what aggravated my anger towards PLDT and myDSL?
Here’s the story:

Last Wednesday, a PLDT lineman (whose name I forgot to get) called me up to fix an appointment for him to come to my house and install my DSL connection. So, I took a leave of absence from my work to wait for the PLDT lineman to come to my house today. I was expecting him to come most probably after lunch. But 5:00 p.m. had passed and no PLDT lineman came to my house.

I lost one productive day in my work staying at home waiting for some PLDT lineman who never showed up. Will PLDT pay my day’s work? I don’t think so.

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  1. Ah! That has happened to me too 2 months ago! Someone from PLDT called me up and told me that a PLDT line man will have to replace my DSL modem the next day because they did some electronic/technical changes with my account. I waited the whole day, not a shadow of the lineman showed up.

  2. they are not fond of engaging theirselves to the customers, how about their advertisements that encouraged us to buy their services,,, they must prioritize the needs of their customers so that no bad feedbacks they would count.. Godbless!!!

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