Easier Google Reader Item Sharing

Sorry for the bad post  title. But I couldn’t think of a better one. Anyway, just noticed this new feature announcement while browsing my Google Reader page:

A look at what’s new

New! We’ve made emailing items to friends even easier, with address auto-completion and HTML formatting. Click Email at the bottom of an item to try it out.

As the Google Reader Blog says, there are still people who don’t use feed readers, and this is the reason why Google Reader updates it email feature to enable Google Reader users share RSS items to friends and contacts who don’t use feed readers or worst who don’t know what RSS is.


For Google Reader users, when clicking on the email tab below every reader item, you can:



  • send email from within the reader without opening a second window,
  • send the entire item as it appears in the reader,
  • use Gmail address book when sending items,

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