What’s Wrong with Your Blog?

And mine as well. Here’s another one’of ’em “improving you blog, generating readers, blogging mistakes, etc.” stuff. Most of the bullet points have been said over and over again in various blog posts, but a reminder every now and then won’t do us all any harm. On the contrary, it might improve our blog readership into leaps and bounds.

So what’s wrong with our blog?

  • ensure you have enough content,
  • clarify blog’s topic,
  •  accept that some topics are just too marginal,
  • controvery doesn’t wash well,
  • don’t use default themes,
  • update often, but don’t let quality suffer,
  • ensure linkability,
  • don’t over monetize,
  • make sure your seo is up to a scratch,
  • patience

These tips are pretty self-explanatory. Read the full article at Modern Life.

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