Why Does It Take Too Long for PLDT to Activate myDSL Connection?

Warning: The succeeding statement are mostly rants about the current procedure when getting your PC connected to the internet.I applied for PLDT’s php999 promo which includes phone line and DSL connection. Two weeks after paying the initial fee, my phone line was connected (April 2 to be exact), I asked the PLDT lineman when myDSL will be activated. The lineman said that a new set of staff will set up my DSL connection.

This morning I called up PLDT customer service to follow up my application for myDSL. The service staff told me that my application is still in-process.

Had I known that it would take this long to process my application, I would have applied for Smartbro instead. Unfortunately Smartbro doesn’t come with a phone line.

So, now while I await for the arrival of PLDT linemen to activate myDSL I tried using an internet pre-paid card which happens to be a by-product of PLDT, the PLDT VIBE which is a dial-up internet card. But with a download speed of 48kbps, I couldn’t load anything into my browser. So, as for now I sticking to Smart 3g to have an internet connection.

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  1. i stopped using pldt vibe dial-up internet card because speed is too slow as if pldt subliminally telling me to switch to myDSL instead. getting used to working in an institution with fast internet access is a handicap & stressful when you try to access the net at home with this dial-up internet cards.

  2. Same here. We applied on June 17. But until now still not installed. They keep on saying that it is because many subscribed on that day since it was a promo. But my uncle who applied 2 months before got his connection after a month. And the reason they made up, they told him that the place was hard to find. Is that even a valid reason? Do they not know what a map is or even just ask people in that place where that place spicifically located. Our neighbor who applied on Globe got her connection 3 days after.
    Now I’m really pissed off. I complained and all they replied is, we are monitoring your installation and we are expecting positive feedback. And they told me that last week.
    PLDT has the worst service.

    For those who wan’t to apply, I suggest Globe instead.

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