Why It Took Me Too Long to Review Make Money Online

His linkbaiting technique has received many following. Currently his make money online link bait series is at Batch 53. What do bloggers from this technique? Improved traffic and technorati ranking and so he says. That’s it. No money, no prizes, just plain old search engine and technorati ranking improvement. That’s why it took me so long to join and write a review of his blog. In case you are wondering who I am talking about, well it’s none other than the evil blogger whose making tons of money with his Agloco, Reviewme, TLA, Adsense and what-have-yous, John Chow.

So, why am I joining his make money online series? Well, its a Sunday and for the lack of better things to do, no news to cover for my two blogging gigs it20 and SEJ, I decided to write this review. And yes I also want to win the Microsoft Zune that he is giving away with the anchor text – make money on the internet.

So, where’s the review? Just visit his blog and scan through the reviews of other bloggers to learn more about this evil blogger. I’m too sleepy now to write about how evil this blogger is.

And yes, this is a sponsored review by me. If you want me to review your site, with a more serious tone of course, just click on my Reviewme link on the sidebar. It doesn’t cost that much as compared to john chow’s review.

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