Create Your Own Cybertwin

Here’s a good web apps that would be very useful for chatters who have busy lives . myCyberTwin lets users create their own cybertwin. Be it evil or good twin myCyberTwin is one fully packed web apps that has many features which will make members busy upon signing up to myCyberTwin.

MyCyberTwin is a website that allows you to quickly create compelling virtual personalities called CyberTwins. These virtual beings live and breathe on the web and chat to your friends, family, colleagues or customers on your behalf.

Upon signing up members can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Express themselves through their cybertwin who is a replica of their personality
  • Learn about their personality,
  • Find compatible people,
  • Ask other people questions,
  • Create their own FAQ, sell their products realistically.

Aside from this,  members have a free hand in developing the personality of their cybertwin. They can even let these cybertwins learn replies to possible questions that would be normally asked during chat sessions.

For income generation purposes targeted to individuals who might possibly get hooked with myCyberTwin, newly registered members are given 500 points which they can use up through chatting. Once these points are maxed out, members can purchase points for a minimal fee. Yeah, I know it may sound ridiculous because who in their right mind would spend money to let their cybertwins chat whenever they cannot go online? But who knows, it might actually work for some.

In case you signed up, try tweaking the questions and possible answers in your profile. Then, try chatting with your cybertwin and see for yourself if this web app looks promising. You might get your daily dose of laughter as chatting with your cybertwins can get pretty hilarious.

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