Create Your WordPress Theme in a Snap

WordPress Theme Generator is an online applications that lets WordPress bloggers who have no time to learn or get into the nitty gritty of CSS, PHP and HTML customize their own blog in three simple steps:

  • select their blog’s design settings,
  • save and download the WP Theme files in zip format,
  • unzipped the file into their blog directory’s folder,

and presto, bloggers can now select the Theme into the WP Presentation editor.  That easy. The WordPress Theme Generator also supports Widgets and is based on WP 2.1.

The WordPress Theme Generator was designed by yvoschaap.

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Expensive Wi-Fi Connection at Subic

Spent the weekend at Legenda Suites in Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Compared to the last time I was there last December, there were many vacationers last weekend. And unlike the last time I was there, I brought my lap py with me hoping to get online probably while watching over the kids take a dip into the pool. So the first thing I check was whether Legenda Suites is wi-fied. I was so glad to see a banner outside the front desk advertising that the hotel is a wi-fi zone. But when I asked the hotel staff if it was free, I was shocked to find out that it was not. I had to buy a wi-fi card worth P300/hour of use.

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Why It Took Me Too Long to Review Make Money Online

His linkbaiting technique has received many following. Currently his make money online link bait series is at Batch 53. What do bloggers from this technique? Improved traffic and technorati ranking and so he says. That’s it. No money, no prizes, just plain old search engine and technorati ranking improvement. That’s why it took me so long to join and write a review of his blog. In case you are wondering who I am talking about, well it’s none other than the evil blogger whose making tons of money with his Agloco, Reviewme, TLA, Adsense and what-have-yous, John Chow.

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