Linux To Digitize LC Holdings of American Historical Documents

Linux is set to embark on a project to help the Library of Congress preserve its American Historical collection using Linux very own digitizing system. With a $2 million grant from the Sloan Foundation, Linux will use the Scribe technology which is a combination of both hardware and software that scans books producing high-quality images and manipulates including OCR and compression techniques.

Why choose the Library of Congress? Why not? The Library of Congress is one of the highly respected library institutions and its collection is widely used by library users worldwide.

I just hope that during this digitization process, librarians will be given a big role so as to effectively represent the metadata component of this collection. If LC librarians will play an active role in this project, it might give Google’s own digitization project a run for its money.

Still, librarians play a significant role in describing digital information. At the end of the day’s librarian’s classification skill coupled with technological know-how could make a big difference in the success of this project.

Read the full details of this project

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