Amazon Goes Context Link

Amazon introduces its own brand of context links via its referral program.

Context Links are a quick and convenient way to add links to your website and monetize your content. Context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, unlocking new ad inventory and saving you the time from having to manually create links. You can add the links to your pages in minutes, and we provide a wealth of options to customize how they are displayed.

The new Amazon context link is another way for bloggers, specifically those who belong to the gadget, book and movie reviews, to monetize their blogs. Content links are related to the subject of the blog and Amazon associates have full control of how many links appear per page. Signing up to Amazon Context Link is easy:

  1.  Visit Associates Central->Build Links->Context Links,
  2. Specify the number of links per page,
  3. Customize how links are displaye,
  4. Copy and paste the generated codes  into your blog.

Since the Amazon Context Link is part of the Amazon referral program, earning from the program is on a pay-per-action basis. Would I use it on my blog? I don’t think so. I don’t think this blog would earn that much from this program though.

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