University of Michigan’s Social Computing Degree

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The University of Michigan School of Information has launched the first ever Graduate Course in Information Science with Specialization in Social Computing. Social computing encompasses social bookmarks, social networks, and other online technology which involves “user generated content” information. And yes of course, it includes blogging.

From the University of Michigan School of Information

Students pursuing a specialization in Social Computing learn to analyze online social interactions, both in online communities and in more diffuse social networks. They learn about features of social computing technologies so they can recognize opportunities to put them to use in new settings and make good choices about alternative implementations.

Of course, this is not to say that students taking up Social Computing studies would just study about social networks and other user generated content sites. The fact that it is called social computing alliterates to the information technology side of the web 2.0 phenonmenon as it applies to the library and information science field.

I hope that other library schools follow UM’s endeavor. Here in the Philippines, I have yet to know of a library school offering at least a course on social media, blogging, social networks and how it can be utilized to better serve the information needs of library patrons. Maybe it’s time the Philippine library profession gears up for web 2.0 and library 2.0. Too bad, only a handful of Filipino librarians may be aware of such terms.

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