Mobile Blogging Through 3G Connection

I’m posting this entry while using 3G connection via Globe postpaid account. Speed is currently set at 115kbps, thrice the speed when I’m using dial-up connection. Download time is pretty fast indeed. Anybody knows how much the going rate for 3G connection? A friend told me that Smart charges around P10/30 mins. How much does Globe charge? Is it per minute? Is Globe’s 3G rates same as the local call charges? Globe charges P.15/kb downloaded. Smart 3G is cheaper. I’m currently connected via Smart 3G. Download speed is almost the same though. The only low down is if your cellphone runs out of battery, your connection would be disconnected and the timer would restart. (Would appreciate any feedback from bloggers in the Philippines, as I’m planning to use 3G while awaiting my application for PLDT’s myDSL program. )Please leave a comment.

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