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I knew it was just a matter of time before a web 2.0 application/company/service is developed bearing the name Socialzr. The word itself speaks of web 2.0 all over it. Sounds like, Zooomr, Flickr, and “whatevr” web 2.0 brands you have there. It is just but fitting that a web 2.0 media is named socialzr. And socializing is what the social tools is all about.


Socializr is simply described as “a web service which lets you share events and party information with your friends”. But you can do a lot of things with socializr:

  • import your contacts from your gmail, yahoo and other email accounts,
  • upload your photos or that of your friends,
  • read and send email messages,
  • send invites to your friends for an upcoming events

This is very useful for creating online invitations for personal events or occasions. A lot of Filipinos will find these useful as I’ve seen a lot of my friends going into the online way of inviting their friends for a birthday party, wedding, baptismal etc. It is as easy as creating an account in Friendster. Using socializr, your invites would look pretty cool with its selection of designs to choose from or you can even customize your own. After you have save your first event, you can further customize it by adding YouTube videos, Flash animations and add music.

Socialzr is a pretty cool service with the traces of a successful social networking service. Did I hear “friendster”?, of course. It was created by Friendster co-founder Jonathan Abrams.

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