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A Northern Ireland undertaker is broadcasting funeral services online which can be viewed by relatives and friends of the departed who could not attend the actual services due to geographic constraints. The webcast is delivered via a webcam attached all over the church where the funeral services is held.

This online funeral service is the brain child of father and son owners of S Clarke and Son Funeral Directors. The webcast is delivered via a webcams and microphones attached all over the church where the funeral service is held. Online mourners can witness the service in high quality video and audio transmission.

I remember watching a local TV program which featured this kind of service being offered by a local funeral services. Actually, the person behind the online service is the son of a coffin maker. Taking inspiration from his dad’s line of work, the son decided to create an online web service for mourners. Too bad, I couldn’t remember the site.

Anyway, this could be a good idea for a start up company, a social networking site to share ideas and sentiments on losing loved ones, funeral services’ experience, sharing photos of funeral services, etc. Some good names for this kind of social networking site would be:

  • mygrveyrd ( as in mygraveyard)
  • funerl
  • mournr

But of course, I’m just kidding.

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