Who Nominated aczafra.com to the Philippine Blog Awards?

Whoever you are, send me an email, SMS, leave a comment here, or contact me no matter how. I just want to thank you for nominating this blog to the Philippine Blog Awards. I just learn it from this blog’s backlink. This blog is nominated for the Technology category. I don’t know what nomination criteria they set for this category (or there might be no criteria after all?). Of course, I don’t stand a chance of winning in this category unless I bribe the judges 🙂

At any rate, thank you for the kind hearted soul who nominated this blog at the Philippine Blog Awards. I swear, it was not me, nor my mother, nor the love of my life. Thank you for recognizing the technology side of this blog.

Now, here’s paying it forward the good old link loving way:


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  1. You’re welcome. I wouldn’t have known that this blog was nominated if not for your backlink. 🙂

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