Earn Money by Promoting Ebay Auctions

AuctionAds is another way for bloggers or website owners to earn extra bucks by displaying eBay auctions on their site. It’s a pay-per-transaction money making scheme which would make wonders for bloggers who have loyal readers who uses eBay to find valuable and not so valuable items to buy.
Just like any other blog monetization schemes, joining AuctionAds is easy as one, two, three.

  1. Sign up,
  2. Insert code on your blog or website,
  3. Wait for AuctionAds to insert live auctions,

auctionads.jpgAnd then wait till somebody clicks on the live auction ad, purchases the deal and wait for your earnings on your paypal account. Easy? Yeah, but the real deal is how you as an AuctionAd publisher could entice your blog readers to actually click on those live auction ads for you to earn. I could think of several strategies.

1. Choose auctions for products which are relevant to your blog. Digital cameras for photo or travel blogs, gaming consoles for gaming blogs, etc. You can specify this when you are customizing the auction ad codes.

2. Like your usual adsense code, customize the look and feel of the auction ads that you are going to display on your site. You can either blend it with your blog’s theme or highlight it by using different colors.

3. Write a post about AuctionAds and include your own code (Just like this post). Others might get curious and click on it, and hopefully enter in the auction and purchase the item. Instant moolah, eh?

Generally this new money making scheme looks promising and I would love to read or hear from the first people who actually makes money from it.

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